Property agent John Truslove has helped Beko Technologies Ltd buy 11 and 12 Moons Park

A German industrial equipment supplier has bought an office, warehouse and distribution centre in Redditch to help meet growing demand.

Property agent John Truslove has helped Beko Technologies Ltd buy 11 and 12 Moons Park, on Burnt Meadow Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch for £750,000.


The company, which supplies compressed air treatment equipment for manufacturers, had been renting the 7,738 sq ft premises since 2015 and said that its purchase comes at a time of ‘strong sales growth’.

Martin Potter, managing director at Beko Technologies, said: “This purchase is a significant milestone as it sees Beko increase its office and warehouse capacity by a third and makes us better able to meet the growing demand for our products.

“In today’s manufacturing process, the quality of the compressed air used is paramount, which means the demand for downstream treatment and monitoring equipment is growing.”

Beko Technologies is based in Neuss, Germany. It employs thousands of workers in factories in Germany, China, India and the USA, and at more than 70 offices and distribution centres around the world.

Mr Potter, who said Beko had 14 staff working from the Moons Park premises, said: “Our UK sales growth is strong and we continue to gain market share year-on-year.”

John Truslove partner Ian Parker said: “We’re really pleased to see this investment by a quality Germany company that’s experiencing such strong sales growth in the UK.

“It shows that European companies do have confidence in UK despite all the uncertainties over Brexit.”

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