Who Are We?



For a start, most of us were born, bred and educated locally.


Worlds No 1 Fan of Ayrton Senna and Eric Clapton
“but his stinging blues, not soft-rock”.



DIRECTOR – Ian Parker BSc (Hons) MRICS

Huge Gooner with left foot to rival Dennis Bergkamp.



DIRECTOR – Ben Truslove BSc (Hons) PGDip MRICS.

Master of puns, terrible golfer...


BUILDING SURVEYOR - Robert Truslove.  Kung Fu master and curry lover.

JULIE (JULES) BRANDON – No more helpful a person walks the Earth.

LYNDA MORRISON – Blue-nosed rocker.

LYNN BALL – Balances the books with a smile.

BARBARA COLEMAN – Keeps on trying to retire (too early!) but we won’t let her.

NINA DOLAN - Girl Friday ......and Mondays.